3 thoughts on “DFP Website

  1. Hello I need a quote on digitally printing a 100x100cm image on some kind of satin fabric for making high end cushions.
    Looking forward to your response
    Alex, Brisbane

  2. Hi Amy,
    the site looks great. I was really after a poster concept that yoga teachers could access from a series of photos. They could choose from a selelction offered by their Yoga organisation. I was originally thinking paper as fabric or canvas would be too expensive for the regular teacher. Though, perhaps not for the corporates. Do you have any ideas on this or offer me an idea of the going rates.
    thanks for getting back to me ,Karen

  3. Hi, I like to print some text on a fabric that will be used as a background for my artwork (100 by 100 cmm). Can you please tell me the cost? I will be using your furniture and cushion type fabric (either black or white or caligo colour). look forward to hear from you. Nasrin

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